Independent Reading

As stated in the class syllabus, due to the split block IR will be graded as Pass/Fail. Because an IR term runs 9 weeks, no late IR work will be accepted for credit after a quarter is over.  End of quarter due dates are final.*  Work can always be turned in ahead of schedule.

Students are expected to read 5 books per quarter, meeting the requirements of the IR Challenge.  Students may complete a One Pager or conference with their teacher to demonstrate they have read the book. Likewise, students are expected to complete one Book Project per quarter over one of the five books they read. Book Projects are expected to be of a specific standard of quality and sub-par, rushed, or otherwise sloppy work will be heavily docked in points and cannot be redone. My classroom library is decently stocked in case students are unable to utilize the library.  Books can come from the public library, home, friends, etc.  Students are expected to have materials in class. Students who do not respect the check in/check out policies of the class library will not be permitted to use books from the class library.

Each book is worth 20 points.  The book project is worth 100.  There may be a few odd and end points in there, but in order to have the required 60% to pass, students must earn at least 120 out of the 200 possible points per quarter.  Since the book project is not due until the end of the quarter, it’s extremely important that students keep up with their IR or will find themselves academically ineligible with no recourse except time.

In order to keep students on track, the following deadlines are in effect for IR books:

Quarter One:
Book 1: Tuesday, August 29th
Book 2: Friday, September 8th
Book 3: Wednesday, September 20th
Book 4: Monday, October 2nd
Book 5: Wednesday, October 11th
Book Project: Wednesday, October 11th

Quarter Two:
Book 1: Tuesday, October 24th
Book 2: Friday, November 3rd
Book 3: Wednesday, November 15th
Book 4: Monday, November 27th (this immediately follows Thanksgiving Break)
Book 5: Thursday, December 7th
Book Project: Friday, December 15th

Quarter Three:
Book 1: Friday, January 19th
Book 2: Wednesday, January 31st
Book 3: Thursday, February 15th (HALF DAY OF SCHOOL)
Book 4: Tuesday, February 27th
Book 5: Thursday, March 8th
Book Project: Friday, March 9th

Quarter Four (dates subject to change due to state testing; information will be updated as soon as possible here and in Skyward):
Book 1: Wednesday, March 28th
Book 2: Monday, April 9th
Book 3: Friday, April 20th
Book 4: Friday, May 4th
Book 5: Thursday, May 17th (the library will be closed prior to this point, so this might not be a bad time to use a magazine or newspaper)
Book Project: Friday, May 18th (if you are leaving early, book projects and all IR books are due before you leave)

*at the end of a 9 week grading period, late books will not be accepted for credit; however, if a student misses a book deadline during the quarter, they have one week to get that book completed per the grading policy. Book projects will not be accepted late.