Skill/Word of the Week

Most every week students will be taught five or so new vocabulary words as well as a skill in English grammar.  There will be assignments associated with these skills additionally, as well as a weekly quiz on Fridays. Please click on the skill name for a link straight to the specific skill and vocabulary words. The skills are spiral, meaning that they will appear quarterly on the Quarter Quell.

If a 6 digit code exists next to the skill, that is the Quizizz code for studying and review. Students may take this review as many times as they like.

Week o1: Parts of Speech
Week 02: Sentence Types
Week 03: Capitalization
Week 04: Subject/Predicate 1
Week 05: Subject/Predicate 2
Week 06: Homophones 1
Week 07: Homophones 2
Week 08: Review/Practice Test
Week 09: Quarter Quell 1
Week 10: Parent/Teacher Conferences: No new content (students scoring below a 70% on their QQ1 will be required to complete corrections)
Week 11: Quotations with End Attributions
Week 12: Quotations with Front Attributions
Week 13: Quotations with Middle Attributions
Week 14: Plural and Possessive Nouns
Week 16: Apostrophes
Week 17: Review/Practice Test
Week 18: Quarter Quell 2
Week 19: Last week of semester: No Skill (students scoring below 70% on their QQ2 will be required to complete corrections)
Week 20: Clauses (and Commas)
Week 21: Semi-colons
Week 22: Commas Marking Extra Information
Week 23: Commas in a Series (AKA, the Oxford Comma!)
Week 24: Writing Using Parallel Phrases
Week 25: Colons and Dashes
Week 26:
Week 27: Review and Practice Test
Week 28: Quarter Quell 3
Week 29: We’re/Where/Wear/Were
Week 30: Good/Well
Week 31: Less/Fewer
Week 32: Many/Much
Week 33: Through/Threw
Week 34: Affect/Effect
Week 35: Numbers and Numberals in a Sentence
Week 36: Review and Practice Test
Week 37: Quarter Quell 4
Week 38: